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Fresh Meat Coach  and skater SteveDave #v4


SteveDave started playing roller derby in February of 2011. SteveDave is not only a player for CKRD, but is also the Freshmeat Trainer, the person who trains the new skaters and prepares them to play roller derby. SteveDave decided to join roller derby after realizing she was sick of being overweight and feeling tired. She already enjoyed roller skating, so she called her local league and signed up! Since joining, SteveDave said she has lost weight, feels great, has a lot of fun, and has picked up some “interesting athletic skills”. When asked what some of her favorite things are, she answered: Roller Derby, Makeup, Nail Polish, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Kids “esp my own”, Michelob Amberbock, Cheese Burgers, Minecraft, and Vinyl Records.

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