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CKRD NSO's and referee's


NSO's (Non-Skating Officials) and Referees are vital to making a bout possible. Many people do not realize that you do not have to be a player in order to be involved in Roller Derby. Central Kansas Roller Derby wants you to know that everyone is welcomed in our Derby family. Just because you do not skate or choose not to be a player you can still be a valuable member of our team! Anyone who is interested in becoming an NSO or Referee can be trained and the team of Central Kansas Roller Derby is happy to help anyone who is willing to learn.  All of these duties are important and all of the players are grateful to have each and every one of the people taking on the jobs of Referees and NSO’s. Some of the NSO duties include scoreboard operations, Jam timers, Penalty box timers and penalty trackers. Referees jobs include making sure that rules are enforced throughout the bout as well as points are being properly accounted for. All of the members of Central Kansas Roller Derby who take on this job do it with a smile on their face and a love for Roller Derby in their hearts and we are grateful for each and everyone.

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