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Peace KeepHer became interested in roller derby because her sister (Jax) and niece (Boxcar) joined CKRG and thought “I love roller skating… what a great way to incorporate something I love, a fun and unique way to exercise and a way to meet new people!” And then she found out that she was pregnant, with twins! So being on skates was put on hold, but she stayed involved by NSO’ing alongside her parents. After being  CKRD’s Penalty Tracker for close to 3 years she diced it was time to try her hand at putting on some skates as a referee! With her love and knowledge of the game growing, she decided to move her focus from referee to coach with the new season of 2019. 

Roller derby has brought her already close family even closer as several members are now involved in CKRD; sister Jax, niece Boxcar and nephew PainCake are all skaters for CKRD, her mom is a Junior Coach and her dad is a Junior Coach as well. But in roller derby, you don’t have to be blood related to be considered family; quickly your teammates and neighboring teams become your second family. There is always someone there to celebrate and cheer for your victories, encourage and support you! There are no labels in roller derby, everyone is welcome and everyone belongs!

Outside of roller, Peace KeepHer works full time as a business manager and her (along with her husband) take care of their five children. They enjoy spending time with their family, hanging out watching movies and playing games.

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