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 shotta brandi # 22


I don't have any family that join me on the rink, but my family is very supportive. It has not always been like that though. The first time I broke my leg I had a blood clot go to my lungs and I almost died. After recovering and deciding that I would be getting back on family was not so sure that was a good idea. After working my ass off I ended up falling and breaking my leg again. At that point nobody thought it would be a good idea for me to go back. But .....i'm stubborn and I had not bouted yet. So I decided that I would be going back. My family was very concerned and really did not want me to go back. But I did anyway. They have seen how far I come and support me every step of the way! I LOVE derby because it's amazing! I was in a rough place when I found derby and my teammates became an extension of the family I have. I love getting on the track... hitting each other... then hugging and laughing as we exit the track. It's an amazing sport!

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